Sunday, April 16, 2006


Okay so you might actually say that this is one of the places I have been wanting to see. I really wanted to see it with cherry blossoms and blue skies. Well I got half my wish so I shouldn't complain.
Himeji castle was originally built around 1346 and is considered perhaps the oldest, most famous castle in Japan. I have seen a lot of castles in my time here but this one was definitely the most impressive. Lots of other castles were destroyed by fire or actually dismantled, most of Himeji castle is still original. None of the concrete you see at other castles. You can walk through the inside of the building and again, that is impressive. The size of the wood beams supporting the structure is unbelievable.
I advise everyone to visit if you get the chance. It is about an hour by train from Osaka. Just be careful that you catch the special rapid service or it will take you a lot lot longer (we know what this is like!).
There are holes or windows throughout the castle compound. They are for defensive purposes. Shooting arrows or pouring boiling oil on your enemy. They are really quite interesting and kind of pretty. This lot reminded me of a childhood program, Play School. On the show, they asked the audience to choose a window for the daily story. The round, triangle, rectangle or square window? I always chose the round window!


roo said...

hello. i've arrived from loobylu. i read your comment on the pizza... thought it was funny because yes, the pizza in australia is far better than what you get there. there was a fat pizza story on that as well.
living away from japan for such a long time, i don't really miss it anymore. but sakura always makes me want to fly home. nice pictures....
and yes, my little boy and little girl like picking their windows from the show.

Anonymous said...

105 steps actually in the tower part.
JEG xxx

superrelish said...

It's the round window!
"I said it first!"
"NOOOOOO - Two kids said it together!"

OH for the simple things...
Love AJ and Milli

laura said...

I got the other half of your wish when I was there, lovely blue skies, but no cherry blossoms! (well, there was one tree blooming, which of course everyone was gathered around photographing to death). Glad to see you got so many blossoms in Kyoto!!