Friday, March 24, 2006

Osaka Aquarium

This is not a place for the faint-hearted! Don't misunderstand me, it has nothing to do with the creatures staring out from the tanks but has everything to do with the frightening crowds surrounding you as you try to see each featured creature! Imagine a public holiday (not really busy), and all people are ushered into a bottle-neck to walk through a tunnel-tank. Now if we had been alone, we would have enjoyed the above pictured tank. It really was pretty. This is the very beginning of the 'Ikea' like tour. You walk along a well planned path to the end. No back tracking. No wandering. No exploring. We were shuffled through the this tunnel along with many yelling children and adults, prams and backpacks. Every person was bubbling with excitement at being there, though Alex was about to have a breakdown. She threatened to let out a desperate scream to thin the crowd. We kept going and finally made it through.
I actually enjoyed the fish at the aquarium and the tour finished with the most beautiful jelly fish. My favourite creatures were the otters, penguins and jelly fish. The tanks were nice and well looked after though I still feel they were too small for the creatures contained within. All zoos that I have seen in Japan are like this so I avoid zoos! We enjoyed our time bustling through the aquarium. I wouldn't however, advise anyone to place it too highly on their 'must do in Japan' list.

Note : Most Japanese people walk through the aquarium exclaiming at each creature... OISHII SO (looks delicious)


laura said...

Love the orange jellyfish!

Georgia Walker said...

hello there miss ellen- of course i remember you!! I knew you were living it up in Japan; I always catch up via del....always asking about you and your latest adventures!
Thanks for georges well wishes- she is amazing and we are absolutely loving this new phase in our life.
Rich says he might hire you as a photographer when you get back- pics are damn good there girl! ;)
ok- closing ceremony just about to start...better be going. Take care, enjoy all Japan has to offer coz august is just around the corner (I should know, thats when i return to work ;(
xxoo ren