Saturday, March 11, 2006

Goodbye students of 2006

Well graduation for 2006 is over. Lunch has been had and it is almost time to go home for the day.

There were plenty of tears from all involved this year. Due to many factors, the least not being the fact the one of the class homeroom teachers died during the past year; a very popular and respected member of staff. Teachers were crying saying good bye to an amazing bunch of students, students were bawling and parents were teary watching their child move to the next stage in their lives.

The first 1.5 hours was the graduation certificate presentation and speeches by all and sundry. I enjoyed listening to the students speak and reflect on good times and memories. I understood enough to get tears in my own eyes. Actually the tears came from seeing so many people genuinely choked up!

Part two involved singing several songs. This school has a passion for singing and are amazing. Most songs are sung in Japanese but the power and beauty of it all blows me away each time. I hope they sing when I leave!

Finally, the graduating class leave the gym and walk through a guard of honor, made up of the other students, parents and teachers. Along the way they pass under floral arches and are given goodbye presents from junior club members. The tears are flowing now along with laughter.

Finally photo time and the signing of graduation books. Now all you can see are smiles and you can feel the energy of excitement. Boys give their button to a girl they like (I got four) and girls even worked their way up to giving a boy they liked a kiss. These stolen kisses were to the admiration and amusement of their friends.
After a while, people began to wander off and head home. Spring break will give them a small well earned rest until High School begins in April.

I am really sad to say good bye to this lot. I hope a few of them keep in touch. Get ready for them all Lauren, and fellow high school ALTs. They are a great lot. If you meet a great ichi nensei student in April, ask them if they are from Yamato Chu Gakko!


J-girl said...

Are any of the boys pictured ones that gave you buttons?

Turning Japanese said...

Actually, no. I only took a few photos with my digital camera. I took loads with my SLR. There will be photos of 'the' boys on those films.