Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The 2006, Melbourne Commonwealth Games

Right now as we speak (or read if you are reading my blog), Melbourne is in the throws of hosting the 2006 Commonwealth Games. You can see my god daughter, Milla, showing her support for the home team over the past weekend... eissua og (or Go Aussie!)

There are currently 72 countries in the Commonwealth and, though Japan seems to have never heard of the games, they are a big deal to us!

In 2002 (in Manchester), Australia won. Here is the final medal tally for those games,
Gold - 82, Silver - 62, and Bronze 62

Today is the 22nd of March and here is the tally for first place so far(Australia is in first place),
Gold - 54, Silver - 47, and Bronze - 41


goongirl said...

Yeah go aussie!!! A mate of mine from school (and she lived in my street) won the Triathlon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen,

There are actually 71 countries that completed and I think there is a total of 72 countries in the British Commonwealth...


Dorothee said...

M2002, the Commonwealth Games in Manchester, were the first official outing of my then-new-born girl. Such great atmosphere ... and no one at home - Germany - had heard of the games either. We, on the other hand, still have a M2002 flag hanging in our house.

And, yes, it's 72 teams.