Sunday, February 26, 2006

Yuda Onsen - Yamaguchi City

If the opportunity is there, you shouldn't miss it - the foot onsen. Yuda in Yamaguchi City is an area of many onsens. A Japanese onsen is a natural hot spring. I LOVE them. They are so relaxing and luxurious. In Yuda there are also several public foot onsens. They are at the side of the footpaths. Lauren and I stopped for a snack and rest. What could be better than chewing on an icy treat whilst you plunge your feet into scalding water. After about 10 minutes, my feet resembled lovely pink, honey roasted ham. My feet felt divine. I will be going back...


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind havin a go at an onsen - but not the public baths!
Prudish me!
Love JEG xxx

Turning Japanese said...
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