Sunday, February 12, 2006

A universe of fun at Spaceworld

Back in late summer, I visited Spaceworld. And whilst it wasn't as good as Universal Studios (Osaka) or Disneyland (Tokyo), I had a great time... I actually almost made myself sick several times. I began the day on the teacup ride and then had to rest for about 30 minutes. I ended on the Ferris Wheel. Easily the most enjoyable ride.

The main reason for this post is to trial adding videos to my blog. I hope this works and I hope you enjoy the movie clip!


Karen said...

Glad to see it work on your page.

I bet everybody's going to start posting up videos on their own pages very soon.


superrelish said...

4.32am - the exact time that you want to watch a video of someone spinning on a ride until they feel sick! Looks like fun, can I swap?

Paul said...

Great fun... but... oh dear... you're just going to encourage 'others'... ;-)

Anonymous said...

As usual your photos are fantastic!
Unfortunately, the video didn't work on my computer
love JEG

Anonymous said...

you are so beautiful... makes me miss you ! love rach