Saturday, February 18, 2006

A telephone conversation...

We asked a class of 13 year olds to write a telephone conversation in English. They had a few hints but could basically write anything they liked. This led to some hilarious situations. The following was one of my favourites... The conversation was between Michael and Saramandora...
Michael : Hello, this is Michael. Can I speak to Saramandora?
Saramandora : Speaking.
Michael : Oh!! Hi Saramandora. How are you?
Saramandora : Um... I'm sad.
Michael : What's the matter?
Saramandora : Awww, my heart is broken.
Michael : Oh, too bad. By the way, will you come to a movie with me tonight?
Saramandora : Oh, um, oh, um, ok, yes.
Michael : Oh, really? Let's go tonight. I will pick you up at 11.
Saramandora : Oh, thank you. See you then.
Michael : Wait...
Saramandora : Yes?
Michael : Um. Um. Um. Um. Ah. Um, I love you.
Saramandora : Um, um, I love you too.


Rosie said...

Saramandora? I wish my kids had this much imagination! That is fantastic.

superrelish said...

My guess is that they learn Engerish from Aussies. No other language has that many Er's and Um's!

Sarah said...

i feel the love...