Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Congratulations Anna and Tino

So my sister went 'real' ring shopping on the weekend. Look at the beautiful engagement ring they picked out. Congratulations again and have fun with all the crazy planning.


Anna said...

Thanks El, buying diamonds is a lot harder than it sounds, I have a new respect for men who do it alone.
It's a pretty exciting time of my life! It's nice to know it's a photo worthy of your blog.

Rosie said...

holy it's gorgeous! WOW!
congrats Anna & Tino!
Ellen your photos are looking spectacular. Especially love the fish eye lense. Keep posting them! Even the dangerous ones :) but be careful!

Anonymous said...

What a beauty! So glad could see it on the blog site; otherwise I wouldn't have seen it until the big day
love JEG

superrelish said...

WOW, no wonder when I found out about the engagement it was via you dad who suggested Tino had caused a serious injury to Anna's left hand!

Beautiful, can't wait to see it for real.
Love Del and the monsters

Peter & Pat said...

beautiful photos, just like postcards. congratulations to Anna & Tino, oh what a beauty, it is very nice and like your dad said, it is big enough to cause injury.well done