Monday, January 09, 2006

Interesting Characters

The lovely gardening ladies at the Teak Mansion. Stopping for well earned rest. They are giggling because they can't believe that someone wanted to take their photo.
"You buy!" Selling small sweet bananas at the floating market. The Thais sure know how to smile.
A bowl full of eggs. Sorting the yolks from the whites by hand. Again a giggle due to the photo being taken. This is one of my favouites. The yolks are then mixed with other sweet ingredients and made into sweets resembling gnocci pasta. Throughout the entire process, bees were attracted to the sweetness. They would fly around and drown in the mixture. Needless to say, I wouldn't eat anything here!
Our New Years Tuk Tuk driver. What a character. I loved being on the zippy fast tuk tuks. Lots of fun. Living life on the edge.
This little boy belongs to the Badong Tribe, better knows as the Long Necked Karen Tribe. Only the ladies wear the rings. We are playing peek-a-boo through the scarves made by his mother. He is very cute but very grubby!

Local transport. Most workers travel to and from work in the back of a ute or truck. As many people as possible are usually jammed into the space. These guys are probably returning from a holiday. They were so 'genki'. I rolled down my window to take this shot and they got even more excited. One of them decied to try out his English. "Hello, hello. My name is Johnny. I love you." Of course I told him that I loved him too. What else could I say?


Anonymous said...

Oh Johnny so brave M XXX

Turning Japanese said...

Johnny was so funny - and cute!