Monday, January 09, 2006

Food you could try if you want to!

Pork anyone?
Can you guess what this is? Here is a hint... cluck, cluck, cluck
From the garden!
From the kitchen. These cockroaches were easily as long as my palm. More than a mouthful. Tried to convince Lauren to try them. She wouldn't have a bar of it.
The weird looking jack fruit tree. Fruit is about as big as a soccer ball.
A segment from inside a jack fruit. Slght taste of banana. I liked it. Lauren said it was so so (she doesn't eat bananas)
Some kind of fresh tamarind. Beware of the tamarind. It is an essential ingredient to some thai food and you just can't leave it out. Adds to the delicious flavour. We tried dried, sugared tamarind that was okay but be careful of tamarind sorbet. The servers in the shop went into fits of laughter as we tried taste samples. YUCK!
It was the right season for green mango. You can see the mangos stacked up on the right. The bags on the left, contain green mango slices and lots of chilli. I wanted to try it but my thai friend said not to bother.


J-girl said...

And I thought I'd eaten some strange things in Japan!

Gillian said...

No! I LOVE tamarind ice cream! I used to eat it every sunday in Venezuela! Oshii yo!
Glad you had fun!

Crystal said...

What amazing pictures! We should hang out soon! Tell me when you are free!

Turning Japanese said...

Jagaimogirl - Just so you know, I tried as many this as I dared. Some of the scary things will never pass my lips. Showed the photos to the Japanese. Fun to scare them!
Gillian - maybe the Venezuelians use a different kind of Tamarind. Thais sorbet was evil.
CG - See you soon

Anonymous said...

Wow El - Don't know why you didn't try all those squirming yummies! Would have given Rutt a laugh Great photos M XXX

Jared & Everett said...

Thank you for the pictures for our blog, Ellen!

Kat said...

great shashins as usual ellen. looking forward to your opinion on my new camera! keep flicking (that sounds dirty...) X

Cyn said...

Eww the first few one grossed me out. I knew Thai ate corkroaches as snacks...I simply squat them with a shoe when they appear in my house.

Jackfruits, tamarind, and green mangoes are also very common in India. I use tamarind someimes while cooking, but a sorbet??? Ew!
Green mango is my favourite snack, so yummy to eat as a salad with olive oil chili and salt.

I really anjoy your blog and thank heaven that the random blog feature took me to yours

Cinnacism said...

Cockroaches? Oh my god. I would've had nightmares that night. I would have liked to see them, though. I mean, I watched Joe's Apartment to test myself. Thanks for taking the pics.

And the pic above the roaches, were those worms?

Ellen, you rock! Food pictures are always welcomed.

Turning Japanese said...

Above the roaches are meal worms and silk worms - I think. We also saw giant red grasshoppers. I heard a foreigner say they wee the sweetest.