Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Winter dilemma

I really hate to be cold. My Mum gave me a nickname a long time ago. She calles me frog. Not sure how that relates. I guess frogs don't like the cold either.
See here is where the problem begins. We are headed into a Japanese winter. The complete opposite to the humid summer. My base school is not heated. Ouch! I am lucky because they have already dusted off and turned on the staffroom heater. Now the heater is actually the problem. It is a gas heater. I don't want them to turn it off because it is really cold. At the same time, I can't stand it being on. They are fueled by keroscene. This gives off a slightly poisonous gas. The heater has to be turned off every few hours to air the room. While it is on, I am toasty warm but my head swims and I feel sick. The smell gives me a head ache. I guess every now and then, I just have to get up and brave the elements outside for some fresh air.



Selene said...

Hey Ellen! Like I said to Lou, I am enjoying the warming of the weather!

Here's my thoughts on the nickname - frogs are cold-blooded, so she thinks theres cold-blood making you feel the cold so much..!?

Keep warm!

Anonymous said...

Selene - you have got it - that girl is a definite FROG - M XXXX

J-girl said...

Kerosene maybe only "slightly poisonous" to humans, but I bet it is deadly for frogs.