Monday, November 07, 2005

Kitsune no Yomeiri

The wonderful Fox Wedding Festival is over again. Last Thursday was 'Culture Day'. Nice reason to have a public holiday. Two years in a row I have been lucky enough to participate and carry a float in the parade. I didn't actually carry it all by myself but it felt like it. It was really heavy. The morning began patchy with light showers but turned into a wonderful day. I took so many photos. I thought I would share just a few favourites with you. Enjoy!

This kid was so funny. I told him to be scary for the photo. This is how it turned out. Cool hey?

These were the soccer boys that followed us in the parade. Their float was to say thankyou for a good season. They were crazy and laughed so hard at their own attempts at English.

Some of the wonderful hats that just wandered by as a part of the parade. These girls were dancing as they went along.

The back of the Happi I got to wear. This isn't actually me. It says Ebisu Cho. Our group was mainly from Ebisu town. Cool guy on the back I thought.

Some of the younger soccer boys after the parade. They are tired and hungry. Luckily they aren't asleep like some of the other kids.


J-girl said...

I always love your photos. Especially the ones of children.

Turning Japanese said...

Jagaimogirl : Thanks. I think taking photos of kids is my favourite subject. They usually don't care if there is a camera in their face. They act natural just the same.

Anonymous said...

What a great day you had - love the photos

chorickr said...

hey, wonderful images! first time to comment here. I just came across your weblog in browsing around internet and AMAZED- you live in Hikari!?? I started to live in Shunan-shi/Tokuyama from last summer. I enjoy photography at
and love travel so much, just got back from my weekend travel to Shanghai, China. um, I just wanted to say hi to you and hope you're having a good time here in Yamaguchi. :))