Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Oh wow... YUM!

Seems kind of strange to do a post about dinner. I am not too sure if anyone will understand - maybe Angela will. I was given some Haloumi cheese the other day after a friend returned from Cyprus. I decided to make a meal tonight keeping in mind a fantastic dish from a restaurant way back when (anyone remember the Green Dot?). I basically put together a whole lot of grilled vegetables, added sliced Aussie beef and finally drizzled over balsamic vinegar. Let me just say... I thought of nothing else but bliss as I ate my way through it. Thanks to Yoshika for the Haloumi. WOW! I even have enough for two more meals. Anyone want to come over for dinner next week?


Lauren said...

Mmmmmm...Hey my friend had a dinner party once, and did an amazing haloumi salad for a starter...Haloumi, rocket, pine-nuts, and fresh ornage segments...its was divine!

Cinnacism said...

I hope you wrote down your method, or at least remembered how it all came together!!

Such a mix of colors and textures...looks delicious.

alex said...

Looks good! I decided yesterday I'm going to start a food blog - I'll let you know when I do!!

Turning Japanese said...

Cinnacism... Oh I wrote it down alright. I usually forget to though. Some delicious dinners will never be repeated again, but this one will - I hope.

Alex... Thought you'd like the sound of it too. I am off to try something else with the haloumi. Mmmm, yum.