Sunday, October 09, 2005

The loveliness that is Oshima

Spent last night and most of today over on Oshima (oshima means big island). The ingenuity behind naming everything in Japan is amazing...
Saturday night was a BBQ at Chris' place. Great company and good food. Nice night but left early for a good sleep.
Today we went to meet everyone again and eat Jamaican. Yes, Oshima has its own little Jamaican van. Delicious food.
After eating our fill of Jerk Chicken, we drove across to the swimming beach. A few people got in the water but most of us chilled out and relaxed.
Great time. Thanks Megan and Chris

The gang all relaxing along the beach wall. Beautiful weather.

The mad and crazy Jet Skis. This looked like so much fun. The jet ski in the foreground is carrying three girls. Go girls!

Does a sunset get any more beautiful?

Jamaican Oshima style out of the back of this brightly coloured van. Mmmm Delicious!!!!

The boys relax with dominos whilst waiting for the famous Jerk Chicken. Who's winning?


Anonymous said...

What a weekend - and we shivered our way through it in Aussie land! M XXX

Anonymous said...

I do love the sunset pic tho... Vey nice! love a great sunset pic!
Love, april. xxx

Anonymous said...

Where did you find all the midgets to sit on the beach with you mate.
Lots of Love... Dad...

Buug said...

Was that Oshima-mura, close to Joetsu City?