Thursday, September 15, 2005

Too soon to say goodbye

It is too fresh and too raw to write about properly but one of my good friends died yesterday. He was a Japanese English teacher I have known for the last year. One of my favourite people... He had a brain hemorrhage (I think) and died at the age of 37. He leaves behind a wife and two kids aged 8 and 10. I feel numb right now but tears continue to flow every now and then.

Sadayasu Sensei I will miss you so much. Be at peace!!!


Gillian said...

Oh my god, Ellen, I'm so sorry. I hope your whole school pulls together to support the family... I'll be thinking of you all. Love and hugs!

Selene said...

I'm so sorry Ellen, that's so sad. Same sentiments as Gillian, and thinking of you too. xo

J-girl said...

My condolences, Ellen. Did your school let you have some time off to mourn? I am really sorry. My thoughts are with you.

Turning Japanese said...

Thanks for your thoughts. Sometimes my heart hurts, sometimes its my head... I will miss him so much.
Jagaimogirl - The whole school is mourning so no time off. I think it is better to be there anyway and to feel it all and remember the good times...

Anonymous said...

Love you M XXXX

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen,
Well you certainly had a tough start on your return to Japan with the loss of your friend. We hope that you have some great memories of him and that these will bring a smile to your heart and soften the blow. How hard it must be for his family also.
I tried to reply using BLOG but was done for when they asked for my user name etc. When I have more time I will try again. Great magnolias.....I wonder who the gardener is!!!!
We leave tomorrow for Singapore. I will be presenting five programs whilst there so little time for sightseeing until the second week when we relax on Tioman and then travel to KL then Singapore on our way home.

Had tea with the old folks last Friday...both pretty chirpy!
Stay well young Ellen and learn from the loss of your dear friend..Life is short so pack everything in every day as though it was your last!

Anonymous said...

Good to have so many friends Pal. Lots of Love Dad.