Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I love frogs!

Everyone knows I love frogs... This is how close I got. Millions of frogs were jumping all over the place. I went for a walk in the rice fields and they were trying to avoid me.

Just to let you know... Milla thinks my killer wasp is a Lady Bug - CUTE! But Milla, where were you when I needed you?

Oh and the Japanese name for the wasp is Suzume Bachi (sparrow bee). Named after a sparrow due to its size!


Anonymous said...

Love you and the frog! M XXX

J-girl said...

I asked my oldest son about suzume bachi (since he is an insect expert in this country), and he said, "They're the biggest bee ever! And they always go for me!" If he is scared of them, they must be pretty freaky looking. When I asked him if they could kill, he said, "Only sometimes."