Friday, August 26, 2005

The return!

Hmmm. I guess that Lauren has arrived safely back in Japan and Rosie and Dan must be close behind. You see, we all left together. Within minutes of each other on the same day. Heading to our own homes.
Now the much anticipated break on home soil is over (well just about for me). I thought that I would be sadder. I kind of am but only a little bit. As before, I will dearly miss my friends and family but I am excited about the new adventures ahead of me. I am definitely not ready for the Japan part of my life to be over. I have so much more to learn, share and experience.
So there you go. Anyone who is still at home (where ever that may be)... See you in about a year. I will think of you often and anyway, you can come and visit. Anyone who is still in Japan. Yeah... I can't wait to see you and have lots more fun together.


Anonymous said...

I know two people who will miss you BUT we kow you will have an exciting year

Hugs and kisses M XXXX

Lauren said...

Yep Im back....after what seemed like an eternity on planes! Looking forward to catch up when you're back.

alex said...

Welcome back! I've been bored. Your other post reminded me that I've never been to sanzoku yet - I will have to go with you guys sometime. See you soon!

Anonymous said...

its vp
I'm looking forward to you staying permanantly