Sunday, July 31, 2005

Purikura = print club

It is almost impossible to resist this fun obsession. The word purikua apparently comes from a shortening of print club. Makes sense I guess. Easier than saying "pu ri n to cu ra bu". A few friends an I take any opportunity to pose in funny ways in front of the camera. Afterwards, showing our artistic talent with the stamping wand and writing. As you can see, we often get carried away. Some of the machines even distort body parts. Amazing. Some of the Japanese teenagers take it very seriously and dress up for the occasion. Some of the dress as their favourite anime character or even something such as a nurse or policeman. Never ceases to surprise me. So much fun though! And, they are stickers!


Lauren said...'s me!!! LOVE PURIKURA!

Turning Japanese said...

watashi mo!

Anonymous said...

You have been busy - are you on holidays?!?! M XX